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San Francisco Giants Tickets

San Francisco Giants are one of the main and most popular League Baseball team based in San Francisco, California. Giants play in the West Division of the National League. Giants were in early days originally known as Gothams, they started as a second baseball club by John B. Day and Jim Mutrie. Giants were Day and Mutrie's real entry to the National League, although their other clubs, the Metropolitans (known as original Mets) were playing in the American Association. Initially Metropolitans were more successful club but then Day and Mutrie moved top players to the Gothams, which lead the team to win its first National League pennant in 1888.

After this splendid fulfilling victory, Mutrie (who was also the team's manager) came in the dressing room and out of his pleasure and excitement shouted, "My big fellows! My giants!" And from there onwards, the club was called as the Giants. They saw high time as a team in the beginning and also bring out some remarkable top class players but on the whole they didn't come off with flying colors, they struggled a lot, but couldn't prove their best.San Francisco Giants history.In Contrary to the times in New York, Giants in San Francisco have diverse fortune. However lately Giants has enjoyed comparatively persistent triumph, there have been stretched times of unevenness, especially they were threatened when the club's ownership periled to move the club out of San Francisco. The most unfortunate part of the story is that Giants managed to have a huge fan base since they arrive in the city, but Giants couldn't so far thrive for a World Series title for San Francisco.

When there was a break in Seals Stadium, Giants shifted to Candlestick Park, which was also known as "The Stick" but unfortunately that very stadium proved to be one of the most hostile stadiums in the sports history. It was sealed in 1961. Giants stopped playing in that stadium which was later on named as 3Com Park and then Monster Park.

Giants never won a World Series after moving to San Francisco, but they were always close, playing in three of them.Giants couldn't make any other World Series until 1989, but still Giants of the '60s sustained to be pennant contenders and the gratitude goes to several future hall-of-famers, like Gaylord Perry, who pitched in 1968 a no-hitter for the Giants; Juan Marichal, another pitcher with a unforgettable high-kicking delivery; McCovey, the National League MVP award winner in 1969, and Mays, who have the all-time franchise record for most home runs, he also hit his 600th career home run in 1969.The post-season appearance of the Giants was in 1971. Giants were effortlessly defeated in the League Championship Series by the Pittsburgh Pirates and Roberto Clemente after winning their division. 1970s also proved to be a despairing decade for Giants.

Bob Lurie bought the team, to save it from being moved to Toronto in 1976.The decade of 1980's also couldn't bring any success for the giants. Giants hired a black manager Frank Robinson 1981, though Robinson's tenure only lasted for 4 years. 1985 was the worst year in the history of San Francisco Giants. They lost 100 games (the most number of failures since moving to San Francisco). The owner then hired Al Rosen as general manager.

In his management Giants gifted rookies like Will Clark, Robby Thompson, and gained players as Kevin Mitchell, Dave Dravecky, Candy Maldonado, and Rick Reuschel.Roger Craig remained Giants' new manager from 1985 to 1992. Giants never faced a losing record in Craig's first five full seasons. That was a splendid change for team's future. Having an exceptional motto, "Humm Baby" during Roger Craig's leadership, Giants stood victorious in 83 games in 1986 and also win the National League Western Division title in 1987. Giants also won the National League pennant in 1989.

1989 proved even a better year for the Giants. After a long awaited period of 27 years, the San Francisco Giants finally were the champions of the National League. After defeating the Cubs, they confronted the Oakland Athletics in "Bay Bridge Series". That series was perhaps the best cherished due to the Loma Prieta earthquake on October 17, 1989 interrupted the intended Game 3 of the series at Candlestick Park. Oakland completed up its sweep of San Francisco, after a ten-day delay in the series.

Later on the Barry Bonds started a new dawn with a blast. Bonds created numbers for the third MVP of his career: 46 homers, 129 runs, 123 RBI, .336/. 458/. 677/1.135.

Giants get a smashing record of 103-59 in Dusty Baker's first year as manager. Which also benefited Baker as he got the "Manager of the Year award". Once again the period form 1994 to 1996 was not a rewarding time.Due to these dreadful times, Giants were led to name Brian Sabean as new general manager, replacing Bob Quinn. Prior to being named GM, Brian Sabean was already whispered to have masterminded the agreement to dig up Kirk Rueter from the Montreal Expos. His first trade as GM, stunned Giants fans throughout the world when he traded Matt Williams for apparently a handful of spare parts, and the criticism was grand enough for him to have to openly explain: "I didn't get to this point by being an idiot.

I'm sitting here telling you there is a plan.".And for sure Sabean's plan worked out, because the players he got in the Williams trade - Jeff Kent, Jose Vizcaino, Julian Tavarez, and Joe Roa (also the 1 million dollar cash enabled them to sign Darryl Hamilton) ? in addition his trade for J.T. Snow made the Giants to win their first NL West division title of the 1990s in 1997. Unluckily, the Florida Marlins ended the Giants' season by defeating them by a 3-0.

And Marlins moved on their way to first World Series championship.40 years later in 2000 at Candlestick, Giants opened their own privately financed ballpark, naming Pacific Bell Park. The team shocked everyone by having the best record in the National League. It was actually 2002 when the Giants again became the center of attention. Giants beaten Atlanta Braves in the NLDS three games to two and later on defeated the St.

Louis Cardinals four games to one. Giant's performance was out class in the World Series and they were about to win when The Angels made a come back and win the championship, which really dishearten the Giant's fans. After this agonizing failure they once more recorded 100 victories for the seventh time in franchise history and for the third time in San Francisco. Year 2004 as well dramatically changed the whole scene, when the Dodgers rise above the Giants in a late season game, winning on a Steve Finley. Next year, 2005 was the most depressing season of 2000s for the Giants.

Giants celebrated in honor of Baseball Hall of Famer Juan Marichal On May 25, 2005. On July 14, 2005, Giants won their 10,000th contest beating their competitors, the Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-3, becoming the first professional sports franchise to have five digits in their winning total. Unfortunately Giants were formally eliminated from the NL West race when they lose to the 2005 champion San Diego Padres. San Francisco Giants finished the season in third place, with a record of 75-87, which was their worst season - and first losing record - since 1996.In 2006 Slugger Barry Bonds' return alone should mean a better offense. Fans anticipate the Giants to do better then their 75-87 records in 2005.

Finley is an appealing surprise. Finley hit 36 home runs, which were a career high in 2004. The Giants have great expectations from Finley, it is expected that he can have a bounce back year and possibly can hit 30 or more home runs hitting along side Bonds and Alou.

Sweeney is allowed to hit regularly so that he may astonish the fans. Niekro also should bloom with better hitters around him. There is a much-polished lineup with a vigorous Bonds returning.If Schmidt and Matt Morris could also manage a similar performance as he did last year (14 wins) then the starting rotation will be solid as well. Lowry and Hennessey also have to groom themselves in 2006 with more innings under their belts. The Giants are also looking forward to a full season from closer Armando Benitez, which should also help the bullpen.

Giants should perform much better in 2006 and will chase the Padres for the NL West title. Giants always have their unique style of having a smashing come back. And their fans don't expect anything less then this from their all time favorite Giants.

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