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Yankee Stadium
The House That Ruth Built
Facility statistics
Location 161st Street and River Avenue
Bronx, New York 10451
Opened April 18, 1923
Owner New York City
Surface Grass
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Ricky Rudd Elects To Race Over Mowing The Lawn On The Weekend

Ricky Rudd was placed in a very tough decision making mode just Prior to this weekend, does he mow the lawn all weekend, or does he jump in a racecar? Well needless to say the answer to this one should be a no brainer, as Ricky will hold off on his self-elected one year sabbatical from racing.This all came about when Nascar champion Tony Stewart, got sidelined with a broken shoulder blade, and the crew chief knew exactly where to go for the solution. Greg Zipadelli had Rudd on the short list of possible replacements, and gave him a call.

Now Rudd will be making a drab weekend of mowing a fleeting thought and jumping into something with a heck of a lot more power.The race that will be in Dover, and it is assumed that Stewart will start the race, and hand the wheel over to Rudd at the first caution flag, so that he can rest up the shoulder. Rudd carries the record for the most consecutive starts at 789, and has a hefty 31 seasons under his belt. This more than qualifies him to be a replacement for any driver on the circuit.When Stewart was knocked out of Sunday's event at Lowe's Motor Speedway, making racing this week an arduous task, the crew chief made no hesitation about the calling of Rudd, that is the making of a very fine crew chief indeed. Rudd has stated that this does not mean that he about to come back immediately following this weekends event, he just figured that this would be fun.

Definitely much more fun than mowing a lawn, and most can surely agree.

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By: Mark Barnes


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